The Gail Sail by ATN

The Gale Sail eliminates the dangerous job of unfurling, dropping and stowing the roller furled genoa in storm conditions to hoist a conventional storm jib. Since it is hoisted over the furled genoa, it provides many additional benefits over a conventional hank on or luff tape Storm Jib.

Hoisting over the roller furled sail results in great aerodynamic shape, much better than a conventional storm jib hanked onto a removable headstay or a partially furled sail, (which most of the time has not been designed or built for that purpose). It requires less halyard tension than a conventional storm jib since its luff pouch is supported by the wide forward part of the roller furled sail.

Hoisting The Gale Sail is simple because the luff sleeve is fitted with oversized piston hanks and webbed grommets. The Gale Sail slides up and down amazingly well because Dacron slides over itself very well. The next time you walk over a folded sail on deck, take notice of how slippery it is. The Gale Sail is not a new, untested product. It has been sold in Europe for many years.

• Top Quality Storm Jib construction with triple stitching, heavily reinforced, etc.
High visibility luff pouch, White sail with Red Sleeve
• Eliminates the need for a removable headstay.
• Prevents any dangerous accidental unfurling.
• Can be hoisted with the spinnaker halyard or spare jib halyard.

Published square foot size actually includes sail and luff sleeve.
Actual sail working area is less.
Boat Size Luff Lch Foot Sq. Ft. Wt. List TSW Price
less than 27' 12 8 5.5 30 sq ft 7 oz. $638.00 $475
28' to 35' boat 16 12 8 60 sq ft 8 oz. $902.00 $725
36' to 43' boat 20 16 10 100 sq ft 9 oz. $1182.50 $925
44' to 52' boat 23 18 12 150 sq ft 9 oz. $1622.50 $1295
53' to 60' boat 31 21 16 200 sq ft 10 oz. $1995.00 $1595

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