Spinnaker Furler System by CDI  

Cruising Designs now offers an affordable Spinnaker Furling System that can deploy or furl any conventional Cruising Spinnaker from the safety and convenience of your cockpit.

• Sailboats 20’ to 40’ long
• Cruising Spinnakers up to 50’
• No sail modifications needed
• Deploys & Furls from the cockpit

Backed by a 6 Year Warranty!

The CDI Spinnaker Furler is so innovative that it was granted a U.S. Patent for the design. No special sail is needed because a luff rope is attached between the spool and the top swivel. The spinnaker is then wrapped around the luff rope much as a normal jib is furled around a rigid extrusion. The rope luff allows the sail to be lowered when not in use and packed into a normal sail bag left in place and covered with a protective UV sock (not included) ready to be unfurled at a moments notice.

The Spinnaker Furler is raised with the existing spinnaker halyard and the spool is mounted either on the bow rail on small sailboats or on a bow sprit or anchor roller on larger boats.

Once hoisted the spinnaker can be instantly deployed or furled from the safety of the cockpit as often as you like. A single-handing sailor or small or inexperienced crew can finally use a cruising spinnaker easily and safely. There is no need to go up onto the bow of the boat to set and furl the spinnaker.


Boat Size: Approx. 40’ length

Maximum luff rope: Approx. 50’

Ball Bearings are supplied in both the top and lower assemblies.

Furling line, 3/8” diameter, is supplied to customer spec. length

Three sheaves for the furling line are provided, pre-assembled on the furling line.

The Spinnaker Furler is designed for simple installation on a wide size-range of boats. It may be used with any Asymmetrical Spinnaker, Cruising Spinnaker or Gennaker sail without sail modifications and there is no need for the expense of making a special sail (however the spinnaker furler is not designed to work with symmetric racing spinnakers). Click here for complete owners manual and required measurement instructions.

Combination Package Discounts for Spinnaker Furler & Cruising Spinnaker

Purchase a new stock or custom Cruising Spinnaker and Spinnaker Furler together and you will be eligible for a package discount just as we do with headsail and mainsail combination furling packages. For more information and package pricing please call The Sail Warehouse at 831-646-5346. Please have your “I” and “J” dimensions or the product code of the cruising spinnaker that fits your boat.


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