The Anchor Riding Sail

A boat at anchor will often sail back and forth causing several problems. Each time the boat swings broadside to the waves it produces an uncomfortable rolling motion. From a safety stand point it also causes a side load on the anchor alternating from the left to right threatening to break out the anchorís set.

An riding sail helps prevent your boat from swinging and keeps it stabilized in a constant direction to the wind and waves. This makes life on the hook much more comfortable and safer.

Rig the anchor riding sail by hanking it to the back stay. Connect the head to a halyard and the tack to a strong point below via a tack pennant line. Hoist the anchor sail and sheet it off to one rail at the genoa track or other convenient forward location. This has the effect of holding the boat slightly on one tack. If you have a split backstay you should hank it to the windward leg and sheet it to the leeward rail.

Donít be confused by vendors selling V-shaped versions of the anchor riding sail. Those came into existance due those who do not know how to properly rig a traditional riding sail. Do not sheet it on the centerline as that wonít prevent the boat from sailing back and forth on the anchor rhode.


• Made from white dacron
• Reinforced corners
• Hanks included
• Sailbag
Item Boats Luff Leech Foot Cloth Wt. TSW Price
Small 29' 7' 6' 5' 5 oz $185
Med 39' 9' 8' 7' 7oz $210
Large 50' 11' 10' 9' 7.5oz $280

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