Create Your Own Custom Furling Package

If your boat is not listed in the stock package search results don’t worry! We customize furler and sail packages at a discount for any boat over 20’. Just follow the steps below and select your own package components.

Package includes:
• Your Choice of Roller Furling Unit
• Your Choice of Stock or Custom Sail
• Discount!

Package Instructions
1. Take your Pin to Pin headstay measurements: See (Fig. 1) or read the detailed instructions here.

2. Select the Furling System:
Choose the model based on headstay length, boat size and your own preferences including, intended usage, budget etc.

3. Determine the Sails Luff Length:
Use our Luff Calculator to determine the longest sail that will fit after the furling unit is installed. The luff calculator will give you the Max Luff (Fig. 1).

4. Determine the sails L/P length:
Decide what “percent overlap” you want for your particular sailing, (for sail selection tips click here. Use our handy Percent Overlap Calculator to determine how far back the sail should come in feet. Enter your boats “J” dimension (Fig. 2) and the calculator will automatically compute the sails “L/P” length for any given overlap you may want.

5. Select the sail:
Perform a Sail Search by the following criteria:
a. Boat Type = Select “Unspecified”
b. Sail Type = Select “Headsails”
c. Enter an appropriate Luff range (a typical range is from 95% hoist up to “Max Luff” Length).

Review the search results carefully and select a sail with a luff length less than the “max luff” and an L/P length close to that of your desired percent overlap and the features you like best. If you like help with this step just call us at 831-646-5346.

6. Order your components:
Order the sail and furler individually on our web store or by phone. The Furling Systems are already discounted.When you click on the “buy” button you will see the actual discounted furler price, (some manufacturers have “minimum advertised price” policies and do not allow us to advertise the price on the product page). No matter what furling sail you select it will be eligible for a 5% discount. We will apply the sail discount when the order arrives (the total on your check out screen will not show this but don't worry, we will make sure it is applied!).And don't forget, you are eligible for 10% discount off any second sail purchased at the same time. This would be a great time to upgrade your old mainsail, cruising spinnaker or Gale Sail!

If for any reason you don't find a stock sail that fits your criteria you can have a custom sail made and still get package discount pricing. Tip: the stock sail list will give you a good idea of cost if you choose to make a custom sail. Just compare the closest sail in square ft. and that will be roughly the same cost as a custom sail.

Order Furling Accessories Separately
Lead Blocks and
Furling Line


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