Custom LazyBag Mainsail Covers

Our custom LazyBag design works with your exisiting Lazy Jacks to make stowing your mainsail faster and more convenient. You never need to remove and stow the mainsail cover. When you're done sailing, you simply drop the mainsail into the LazyBag and zip it up. Made to order and tailored to the size and shape of your stowed mainsail and your existing or yet to be installed lazy jack system (Lazy Jacks not included). Available in most Sunbrella colors. For Color selection please visit Sunbrella Colors

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Production time is 4 - 6 weeks.

LazyBag Pricing
Length up to 11’
Length 11’1” - 15’
Length 15’1” - 18’
Length 18’1” - 21’
Length 21’1” - 25’
For Battens Add


Design Information

Prices include LazyBag as shown and works well with most conventional mainsails and Lazy Jacks. However, if custom modifications are needed, we can do most in-house at service loft rates - $79/hr.

Batten pockets for side stiffeners are built-in to accept battens, PVC pipe or other stiffeners. Lazy Jacks and battens are not Included. If the foot of your mainsail has a bolt rope that slides into the boom channel, you will need to modify it by adding slugs or by converting it to a loose foot to be compatible with the LazyBag.



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