Standard Spinnaker Sock (sleeve)

Tame Your Spinnaker!
Dousing a spinnaker is one of the most difficult sail handling tasks while sailing short handed. Modern cruising spinnakers are a little easier to handle than race spinnakers but to make it easier and more enjoyable we recommend controlling your spinnaker with a spinnaker sock.

This is an economical sock intended for sails up to 40 ft. luff length. It is made of nylon with a fiberglass hoop opening to help guide the sail into the sleeve. It features an internal halyard sleeve to prevent the dousing line from tangling around the sail inside. It is self-contained so all you do is hook up the head to
your regular spinnaker halyard. Secure the tack and tie on your sheets and hoist the sail. No extra halyard is required.

When you are ready to strike the sail, fall off the wind and shadow the spinnaker in the lee of the mainsail. Then sheet out and pull on the dowsing line to snuff the sail quickly and easily.

When used with an assymetrical cruising spinnaker the sock should just come down to the clew, not the full length of the luff to avoid the clew hanging up inside when raising. The correct size to order should equal Leech length plus 1 ft. Even sizes only. Good for sails up to 40’ max.

(For sails larger than 40’ we suggest the ATN for the lowest friction and best dousing reliability with larger sails).

Spinnaker Sleeve length should equal leech length plus one foot
(not luff length unless both are equal)

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