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Traditionally custom sail makers charge for the service of going to your boat to measure it, then to design and build one sail and finally to deliver it to your boat and install it. Whether or not you need or use all these services it is usually built into the price. Back when boats were designed and built one at a time from scratch it made sense to do it that way (there was no other practical choice). But in this age of common production sailboats with identical rigs why have a custom sail maker design and build just one sail individually from scratch? It is both expensive and time consuming. We decided back in 1993 that it would be more efficient to build in volume and stock production sails for common boats.

We also discovered there were many generic sized sails that would fit a whole range of boats regardless of the specific make or model. Now 17+ years later we carry new sails for over 1,000 different production boat and generic applications. Plus we stock many used and surplus sails too. No other company has close to the same selection of new sails in stock. Our sails are easily search- able at our web store both by boat type & sail size.

Who is a Sail Warehouse Customer?
Our typical customers are cruisers, daysailors and casual racers. If you have a production boat built from around 1965 through present day from 18’- 47’ our stock sails will probably fit your needs quite well. Many of our customers are in remote sailing regions with no access to a local sailmaker. You do not need to know anything about sail making but you should be at least be famiiar with basic boat maintenance and terminology and capable of rudimentary “Do it Yourself” projects. If your needs are highly specialized or unusual we are probably not for you. But if you are like the vast majority of production sail- boat owners we can probably help.

Quality and Construction
Each sail is computer designed, laser plotted and assembled to strict quality standards. Our proprietary Pro/Stock Sails are made by Rolly Tasker Sails and other fine manufacturers using only high grade U.S. and European polyester DacronTM from Dimension/Polyant, Bainbridge, Challenge & Allied Signal. Seams are finished with UV treated thread in zig-zag or triple step zig-zag stitching, using one to three rows depending on the application. All sails come with sail bags, leech lines, tell tales & heavy reinforcement patches in the Head, Tack, and Clew.

Product Tiers
Pro/Stock Sails are are constructed in three different Product Tiers: Std. OEM Type, Coastal Cruising and Offshore. Construction details vary according to the product tier to accommodate the demands of anything from light daysailing to offshore racing or world cruising. Learn more about Product Tiers Here

Sail Search
All details including Dimensions, Cloth Weight & Type, Battens, Hardware etc. are published in our search results. Note, Product Tiers and Sail Options such as UV covers are viewable in the “Notes” column of the search result. The column headings are live so if you click on them you will find more helpful definitions.

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Notes About Stock Sail Sizes for Production Boat
Common boats have fairly standardized rigs and most of the time we find our sails are correctly sized for the boats they are listed for. However discrepancies do occasionally exist for some boats, particularly older, limited production models. Also some boats had more than one rig option so ordering a sail solely by boat type is not a guarantee of fit. If you have any question about your rig size (or hardware size and type) we recommend following the instructions in the measuring guide and comparing your results to our published sail dimensions to be sure it will fit your specific application. We are constantly monitoring our database based on customer input so please tell us if your rig dimensions are different than what we have published.