Customer Testimonials

These are actual letters and emails we received from our customers, accurately quoted right down to the emphasis and punctuation! Don’t be surprised if you see your own letter among them! We appreciate your business and will continue to give it our best effort.

“Sails arrived yesterday and I opened the package containing what I'd been thinking of as "my new sails on a budget" with fingers crossed. I am SO IMPRESSED with what I found! The quality and workmanship combined with your very fair price made this an amazing value! Battens included for the main! Reef points!! Wow- much more than I'd expected. I'll sing your praises everywhere I go. Have a great and successful season”.
-Chris B.

“Thanks for all your help with the new sails for our 26’ Balboa. They are great and the C.D.I. is too!”
- Keith and Jane S.

“Dear Jim, This spring you sold us a new 135% for our Catalina 30 Tall Rig. We purchased the boat with 155 Genoa and were hesitant to accept your recommendation of the 135% Genoa. But relying on your expertise from afar we went with your recommendation of a 135%. What a difference and what an improvement! In the past we rarely raised the main. While we were operating on instinct in not raising the main, the boat was unbalanced and sailed poorly. Following your advice, the boat is now balanced with the main up, sails better and is a lot more fun! Thanks for listening to me and figuring out what we were doing wrong. You not only sell sails, you sell the right sails”!
-Tracy M.

“Dear sirs, Received the jib as requested yesterday for an O’Day Mariner and wanted to thank you for the great service. Although my boat is a Alberg Designed South Coast Seacraft, built in Shreveport Louisiana, the application will be perfect. Even a great job of packaging! Just perfect for Delta Sailing! Much thanks”
-Dick W.

“I just bought a new full batten main from Jim at the Sail Warehouse. The sail is built overseas with Bainbridge cloth and thread. The workmanship is excellent. I ordered the offshore ‘version’ with three reef points. Jim takes a personal interest in your needs and asks all the right questions. I received the sail in Hawaii in less than 6 weeks. I paid $1600 for a sail that I would have paid triple for in Honolulu, and again--- the quality was superb. Aloha”
- Pat

“I bought a mainsail for my 22 Columbia a few weeks ago and I LOVE this sail. It’s so much better than the original sail that came with the boat that I’m going to get my jib replaced also. It’s a GREAT sail. Thank you”
-Mike S.

“Jim, I wanted to let you know that the furler, sail, lines and blocks arrived just fine. It’s on the boat and I’m extremely pleased. The measurements worked out just right and the sail fits perfectly.Thanks for the fine service”.
- Dennis B.

“Hi-Yesterday I received my new sail from you and am quite pleased. I ordered your STD/OEM sail and it is better quality than many stock sails I’ve seen. Good product, good service, good price! I will not hesitate to recommend The Sail Warehouse to other sailors. Thanks”

“Just a note to thank you for the GREAT job on the roller furling and the new jib. The CDI roller system was easy to install and works fantastic. The jib is cut just right and sets in either 150% or 110% without a flutter on the leach. Should have done this 5 years ago. Thanks again for getting this order out so fast”.
-Roger T.

“I bought a CDI Furling and a 135 genoa from you in February. I just got out yesterday and wanted to pass on that I’m very happy with my purchase. It was fairly gusty and with about 60% of the sail out I was able to point quite well. In fact a good sail shape throughout. It’s not often you get exactly what you want at a good price. Thanks”.
- Mike N.

“Jim- I received the new main and sail cover several weeks ago. It fits the boat perfectly. What a beautiful job. A couple of friends were around when I ran it up the mast for a look. We were all impressed with the workmanship and detail”.
- Pat D.

“Dear Jim, Want to take just a second to say Thank You. You were attentive and professional and believe me that is not the general level of service we encountered in our “Great sail search”. “We are constantly being asked if we know a good sail outfit. Until now we didn’t”. Again Thank You for your courteous service. Most Sincerely”
-Melanie S.

“The sail arrived on time and is just what I needed. Thank you very much”!
- Shane R.

"We are very happy with our new sails. Wonderful quality and value!
I'm not usually one to do a lot of research before purchasing something. I mostly rely on the opinions of people I know and respect. My formula certainly work this time.
Thanks for introducing us to Rolly Tasker sails, and for the fast and knowledgeable service. Thank you for the great pictures as well.

-Derek, Pat, and Lauren

PS: Did you know that there is a Monterey Shields that is named after Rolly? The owner, Pakhtun Shah, was a good friend of Rolly, named his dog after him, then named the boat after the beloved deceased dog. Pakhtun toured the facility in Phuket and was very impressed."

"I was glad to receive your email because I have had it on my 'to do' list for a long time to contact you to tell you how much I love the Rolly Tasker sails you had made for me. You made a full-batten main for my 1974 Sabre 28 three years ago and a 150 genoa two years ago - both "cruising quality" sails that are still as good as new. These sails have been awesome and I can't count the number of complementss I've had on them. They are also very fast. It is stunning how much of a difference a new set of sails makes in performance. I'm certainly not a racing sailor, but my Sabre holds its own quite well against larger boats, including some with expensive composite sails. I was concerned that my old style rigging would require too much customization to handle ordering over the internet, but you walked me through the measurements and the sails I have fit perfectly - with no modification whatsoever. I do most of my own canvas work and can appreciate the exceptional craftsmanship that went into these sails.

I took a lot of heat on the Sabre forums for not going with a "local sail maker" but that is just not a viable option for the thousands of sailors like me that live in the Midwest, far from the sailing hotbeds on the coast. The Sail Warehouse gave me access to great quality sails that were delivered with great service, in a timely manner - making them a tremendous value. I appreciate your hesitation to raise prices but even with the increase, I would still consider your product to be an exceptional value and I highly recommend Sail Warehouse and Rolly Tasker to all who ask!

Thanks for the great work you and your team do, Jim!"
Dr. David


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