Product Information, Guarantee, Warranty and Returns

Thank You For Your Business
We appreciate your order and will try to uphold our end of the bargain by being prompt and and accurate in delivering your product. We realize that traditional sail lofts have dominated the sail market for decades and that our clients are among a new generation of internet and catalog shoppers. We want your future business and referrals so we promise to do everything we can to make your experience with the Sail Warehouse fair and positive.

New Sail Warranty
Warranty applies to all new stock sails and custom sails. Parts and labor are covered for 2 years from date of purchase for any necessary repairs due to failure or eminent failure under normal (non-extreme) use caused by faulty workmanship or components. Warranty service can be done in-house at The Sail Warehouse or at an approved loft near you for convenience. We can usually recommend a dealer near you if it is necessary. Damage caused by flogging, chafe, excessive halyard tension, spreader or stanchion contact, explosive refills, or other improper sail handling are not covered by warranty.

The published specifications of all new and used sails are guaranteed to be accurate including dimensions, features, hardware and condition. The dimensions of our sails are guaranteed not to exceed the length published by us when the sail is fully stretched under normal halyard or sheet tension. Likewise sails are guaranteed to fit within 99% of their published dimensions when stretched under normal tension. We want you to be pleased with your purchase so we strive for accuracy and fairness. If you feel there has been any error made on any new or used stock sail that you have received from us PLEASE DO NOT USE THE SAIL. Call us first to discuss the issue. Regardless of who made the error, both new and used stock sails may be returned within 15 days of receipt. However if you have used or altered the sail in any way you may not return it. Please see “Returns” policies for details and procedures.

We have researched the compatibility of all the new sails we stock for the production boats listed in our print catalog and internet search results to the best of our abilities. Most of the time we find the sails are correct for the boats they are listed for. But occasionally rigs will vary even on the same make and model production boat. Since we do not have control over this we can only guarantee the dimensions and construction details of the sails we sell are published accurately which allows you to check them against your boats rig. Ordering a sail solely by boat type is not a guarantee of fit. We recommend that you measure your rig and compare your results with our published dimensions. Failing to do so does obligate you to a restocking charge if you return a sail. Measuring instructions are provided for you both on our website and and in our print catalog.

If you wish to return an item please call us first. Often a problem can be resolved on the phone. If we have made any error on a sail or other inventory item, you may return it for a full refund, exchange or modification. If we have made an error we will even pay for the return shipping. However if you return a sail or accessory for any reason other than our error a 10% re-stocking charge plus the shipping will be charged. Returns must be clean and in the same condition as when they were received with the original packaging and inventory tags. Sails should be folded neatly before returning and not wrinkled or soiled during handling. A 10% minimum restocking charge will apply to dirty or wrinkled merchandise or late returns. Sails and accessories may not be returned after having been used by the customer. Custom sails, accessories or modifications to sails are warrantied but not refundable. No returns will be allowed after 30 Days.

Batten Installation Instructions
Full Batten Mainsails - Due to shipping limitations full batten mainsails are supplied with flexible pultruded fiberglass battens which are coiled and shipped in the same box as the sail. Feel free to experiment with different aftermarket battens to optimize your preferred sail shape, (for example using stiffer battens for windy conditions or thinner ones for light air). Install battens by sliding them into the batten pockets after the sail is bent on the spars. Secure them by lacing closed the flap and tie with a few half hitches. You may trim off the extra line if you like. Battens should be snug but not tensioned to the point of inducing any pre-bend.
Standard Battens sometimes will hang internally on a dacron edge inside the last few inches of the batten pocket during installation. This can give the mistaken impression that the pocket was accidently sewn closed. If the batten resists going in do not force it. Try twisting the batten 45 degrees inside and see if that helps it go over the lip. You can also try squeezing the batten pocket at the point of resistance with one hand while gently pushing the batten in with the other.
Powerhead Mainsails are a hybrid configuration consisting of 2 standard battens and 2 full battens. The two full battens are at the top and should be installed by inserting the unfinished end first (the unfinished end has no batten tip on it).

Changing Mainsail Luff Hardware
For various reasons a new stock mainsail may have different luff slides or slugs than the old one. The hardware type is published for all stock mainsails on our website and catalog so you can anticipate this before ordering. However if you overlooked that when placing your order and find you need different hardware, then here are the options:
Option 1. Replace them yourself. This is a simple job and a good seamanlike skill to learn. You may use the slides or slugs off the old mainsail or order new hardware from a sailmaking supply such as or West Marine. Sail slugs and slides can be connected to the existing sail grommets by using shackles or hand sewn using webbing. We recommend using metal shackles or webbing at the high load areas such as the headboard and at the full batten receptacles. All other slides can be attached with plastic shackles since there should be little load at these points. We have even seen people use heavy cable ties (zip ties) in a pinch.
Option 2. We can change the hardware for you. If you would rather not change the slides yourself you may send the sail to us and we will change them for $3 per foot.
Option 3. Have a sail loft near you change them (save shipping costs to have it done locally).