This is Downwind Sailing

This is Downwind Sailing

Whether racing or cruising, more and more sailors are adding downwind and reaching sails to their inventory.  With newer boat designs, inexpensive sprit options and sail handling gear such as furlers or snuffers, even a crew of 2 find it easy to hoist a downwind sail and improve their performance.

Reaching and downwind sails are available in a wide variety of designs, which in turn depend on the type of boat and type of sailing. Is it cruising with family or as a couple, in which case the focus would be on safe and easy handling as with our Code C sail on a roller or an asymmetrical spinnaker with a snuffer? Or is it racing with a full crew, in which case maximum performance is the obvious requirement. And as the design and cut of these sails vary, so does the fabrics that we make them of. Here is a closer look at the choices.

Choosing the best Fabric

We use top quality, bullet-proof Spinnaker Nylons made by the leading sailcloth manufacturers such as Bainbridge, Contender Sailcloth and Challenge Sailcloth. 

The Spinnaker Nylon FiberMax (made by Challenge Sailcloth) for example is a coated cruising spinnaker fabric. Used for spinnakers and, in heavier Nylon, our specially designed Code C sail. It will last much longer than dedicated racing cloth. Super Tenacity nylon fibers provide excellent breaking and tear strength and abrasion resistance. Very tight weave, dense constructions provides low stretch and high performance. Comes in a wide range of cloth weights from 44 gsm (grams per square metre) to 144 gsm, suitable for dinghies up to Superyachts.


Best for Code-Type Reaching Sails

We make our Cruising Code 0 from a woven Polyester cloth (Code Tec made by Challenge Sailcloth).

Code Teq which is specifically designed for the new generation of asymmetric and reaching sails used on modern racing and cruising designs. Code-Tec uses high tenacity fibers and proprietary immersion coating chemistry to make a high performance but durable fabric which boasts low stretch, high tear strength and the ability to withstand repeated furls on modern roller furling storage systems. As it is more durable than laminated sails, it is best suited for cruising or club racing boats. 



Best for Performance Code Zero Sails

For high-performance racing yachts, we use sophisticated laminates that have a superior shape-holding quality. 

Our Code 0 Sails are designed for  maximum power at a tighter wind angle so we use CZ laminate by Dimension-Polyant or Baltic Code Zero Laminate made by Challenge Sailcloth

Those laminates are engineered for overall weight reduction without sacrificing load capability and strength. Those ranges are designed with light weight taffetas, high tenacity aramid and polyester fibers, and superior films for high performance. The best material for high-performance racing Code 0 sails.



Whatever your downwind sailing needs, Rolly Tasker and Thje Sail Warehouse can help.

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