Custom Sails Information

To order a custom sail, go to our request a quote form and indicate the Boat Manufacture and model.  If you know your rig dimensions (the PEIJ) please include this.  It can be found by searching your boat on the home page (Search By Boat)

To order a Semi-Custom Sail (stock size with custom features).  Use the contact us form, and indicate the stock type and size sail you want (type would be Mainsail, Roller Furling Headsail, Hank On Headsail, etc.).  Also indicate the standard size.  It will be listed in the title of the stock sail (e.g. 26.30L) which means the luff is 26.3 feet and the foot is Long and include any customization in the comments.

Indicate the type(s) of sail you want and in the comments any features you would want.  We will get a quote normally within 24 hours.