Product Tiers and Options

In-Stock Versus Semi-Custom and Custom Sails

The Sail Warehouse has over 1,000 sails and canvas items in-stock and ready to ship out the same day.  We are able to add some options (Cunningham, Insignias and Numbers) to these sails prior to shipping.  We also have sizes and sail designs for over a hundred boats and can build these sails as Semi-Custom sails in any product tier or with any options.  Since these utilize our standard design and sizing, they tend to ship a little faster.  Finally, we can provide a custom quote on any sail for boats from 8-foot Optimist to 65-foot Blue Water Cruisers. We do not charge extra to customize a sail, but we would need you to complete all measurement forms prior to ordering.  We can typically give you a good price estimate based on prior to measuring so give us a call at (831) 646-5346 of request a custom quote.

Product Tiers


Original equipment style sails for boats up to 28’ max. These are factory equivalent (or better) replacement sails similar to what originally come with most small production boats. Cruising grade Challenge Sailcloth Dacron is used with triple step zig-zag stitching throughout. All corners have reinforcing patches and corner rings that are hydraulically pressed in place. Mainsails feature nylon headboards and luff hardware attached with shackles (or plain bolt rope if you prefer). Leech lines and tell tales are provided with all all sails.

Standard / OEM sails are a great value which often last for many years under typical day sail use (with reasonable care and maintenance). Good for light duty cruise/race. Bag is included and battens are included for all mainsails.

Coastal Sails 

Heavier construction, especially in the corner patches and ring reinforcements. These sails are intended for coastal and medium duty cruising, club racing offering good durability for boats up to 36’ max. High Modulus Challenge Sailcloth Dacron (Newport) is used with 2 rows of zig-zag stitching throughout. Pressed corner rings are reinforced with webbing. 

Mainsails feature nylon glass reinforced headboards with bolt rope and luff hardware shackled on. All sails have leech lines, telltales, one draft stripe and sail bag.  Coastal sails offer good durability & performance.

Offshore Performance

The sails are manufactured to our highest construction and finish to guarantee trouble free long life and performance. They are extremely strong and low  stretch due to utilizing the highest quality Challenge Sailcloth Dacron available.  We recommend this range for boats above 37ft, sailing both coastal, blue water and ocean passage making.  Due to the low stretch nature of the cloth, they also make great PHRF racing sails.

Features highest quality Premium Dacron either Marblehead or Fastnet from Challenge Sailcloth.    Seems have 2 or 3 rows of 5 step zig-zag stitching and extra large double tapes on edges.  The mainsail uses webbed on hardware and alloy headboards for durability.  All sails include low stretch leach lines, tell tales, double draft stripes and XL sail bag. 

Available in both Crosscut sails and Tri-Radial design utilizing Challenge Sailcloth ProRadial Sailcloth.  The Tri-Radial design provides the ultimate shape holding performance in a Dacron Sail.

CDX Cruising Laminate

For the demanding cruising yachtsperson, this is the cruising laminate that sophisticated sails for offshore sailing and club racing yachts of up to 50 feet length are made of: One step up from traditional Dacron sails but just as easily handled, these sails will hold their shape much longer.

This polyester cruising laminate is engineered by the cloth manufacturer Contender Sailcloth for durability and cruising performance. This incorporates an advanced adhesive for extended UV resistance and a robust additive for extra protection against mildew which ensures a trouble-free use and extended life span.

The sail is designed utilizing Tri-Radial design with a sophisticated “step down” design, which uses heavier fabric weights in the high load areas such as the leech and utilizes lighter weight cloth in low load areas for easier sail handling.

The CDX line provides enhanced performance given through the extended shape holding with the durability of Dacron, this is the perfect sail solution for the serious yacht owner or PHRF racer.

Lite Skin Race Laminate

Lite Skin from Dimension-Polyant has taken on the racing world by storm in the past 5 years. This laminate sail uses a lite weight polyester Taffeta for longer life than old mylar laminate sails. This product proves for the highest level shape holding for the demanding PHRF racer in a modern look and high value. Lite Skin sails utilize a special multi-layer laminating process that has similar stretch characteristics regardless of orientation.  This allows us to provide cross cut sails that hold their shape as well or better than Tri-Radial designs, but are are easier to shape, provide added durability for a better value.

The addition of Dimension-Polyant Lite Skin® outer layers protects the film, reducing film shrink over time, with less water absorption than a traditional taffeta and provides increased chafe protection from film only laminates. The external layer is coated with UVt®, DP’s proprietary UV and anti-microbial finish to increase UV protection while deterring mildew growth. The fabric feels soft hand for good handling and attributes a lighter weight than typcial cruise laminates with taffeta on both sides. Thanks to the characteristics of laminate construction the sails are less sensitive for delaminating, thus longer lasting than membrane sails in particular in high UV stress areas. The Lite and Medium weights are 100% polyester, constructed for smaller boats up to 35 foot. The Heavy version for boats up to 40′ steps up to a aramid scrim for reduced material stretch.


We can special or custom order a sail for you with any of the options below.  It usually takes 4-5 weeks during the offseason for a special order sail or 6-7 weeks in the high season.  Some options such as mainsail Cunningham, insignias and sail numbers can be added to in-stock sails.



Luff type

Most wire headstays use plain hanks however if you are racing and need a luff tape for a headfoil system such as a Tuff Luff we can make the sail that way at no extra charge. Furling sails also come with a choice of any size luff tape at no extra charge. Luff tape size is usually provided in your furling or headfoil equipment documentation.

Headsail Visibility Window

Made from optical grade clear vinyl, windows increase visibility and safety by reducing the risk of collision. Specific placement is not guaranteed. (Not recommended for furling genoas because of tendency to haze in that application).

Genoa Tell Tale Windows

Made from clear vinyl, small windows allow you to see the tell tales on the lee side in any light. Recommended on headsails with cloth weight over 7 ounces or Liteskin sails.

UV Cover

Protects Roller Furling Genoa from sun damage while furled. All UV covers are sacrificial and should last about 7-12 years. depending on climate and sun strength. All of our UV covers are made from Sunbrella brand dyed acrylic fabric for long life.  Sunbrella is available in 9 Ounce Colored Sunbrella or 5 Once white Sunbrella.

Roller Furling Genoa Foam Luff

Sewn into the sail behind the luff to help flatten the sail while partially furled. Extends the effective reefing range by 5%-10% over non-foam luff genoas.


Mainsail Cunningham

This is a downhaul ring in the luff of the sail a few inches above the tack to which a tackle can be rigged. More luff tension helps flatten the sail for higher winds as well as bring the draft forward for choppy water. A Cunningham can be added to an in-stock mainsail before shipping.

Additional Mainsail Reefs

Our Std. OEM Type mainsails come equipped standard with one row of reefing points. Coastal and Offshore Mainsails come with one or two reefs standard.

If you think you will need more than one reef we recommend the Coastal or Offshore version sails over the Std/OEMf since the whole sail is built heavier & more suitable for strong conditions. You may either specify the location of reefs (in height above the boom) or let

the sail designer place it appropriately. (we don’t add reefs to sails that are already made, but can add them to any special order or custom sail).

Loose Footed Mainsail

All of our In-Stock sails include a Rope Foot plus clew slug.  This allows you to sail it either loose footed or with the rope foot in the boom.  We can also custom order a loose foot only.  This is a  performance option that allows the foot of the mainsail to become totally adjustable. As you slack the outhaul the foot can become as full as you like without interference from the bolt rope. All of our sails that have a bolt rope also include a webbed on clew slug so that they can be used as a Loose Footed Mainsail.  Or special order any sail with this feature at no extra cost

Full Battens

Increases sail area by about 4-5% over the standard batten sail, giving more power in light air and better sail shape. Full battens eliminate flogging while motoring to windward or luffing of the mainsail while overpowered. This combined with the elimination of the stress concentration inherent in standard length battens increases longevity

Full battens will work exceptionally well with lazy jack systems too. Expect a slight increase in the luff friction when raising and lowering the main, but on most boats up to 40 ft. it is not necessary to use any special luff hardware. Standard slugs or slides work adequately.

Powerhead 2+2 Options

This sail has 2 full battens on top & 2 short battens on the bottom. The Powerhead Batten option gives many of the same advantages of having all full battens but reduces the friction in the luff somewhat. This is the option I recommend for club and PHRF racers to maximize performance.