FAQ - Sails

Q: I am looking for a sail that has the following dimensions: xxx. Do you have one?

A: Once you select your product type from the “Our Sails” drop down, you should find all of our in-stock sizes in the search.  This search will provide you with the Luff, Leech and Foot length for all of our sails. You can further refine the search by selecting on “Product Type” to refine the product such as Roller Furling Headsail or Hank on Headsail. If you cannot find something or are not sure, give me a call at 831-646-5346 or send me an email.

Q I found my boat and sails to fit, how well do they fit my specific boat?

A: Many of the sails fit multiple boats.  In most cases the fit is very close or exact.  But in some cases, we indicate the closest sail we carry for your boat.  We try to make sure that we do not indicate a sail that is too large for your boat because this will provide poor performance and ability to shape your sails correctly.  If you are not sure, please measure your boat and check the sail size against the boat. If you want an exact fit, we can always custom order the sail – just allow 6 weeks for delivery.

Q: I don't see my boat listed in the search list. Do you have sails for it? -or- I see my boat listed but not the particular sail I want. Do you have it?

A: Every sail that we have in stock is searchable both by boat type and by sail size. If you don't see the sail you want listed by boat type then follow the Measuring guide to determine the dimensions of the sail. Then try doing a search by “Luff Range.” If you still don't find what you want we can always make it Custom for you.

Q: Do you have the dimensions for my boat on file somewhere? Can’t you just look up my boat on computer? - or- Can I just give you the specs off the brochure for my boat?

A: We know it can be inconvenient to measure but even the brochure specs are often inaccurate. Believe us; shipping sails back and forth because they don’t fit is expensive and time consuming! All the sails we have researched by boat type are already listed on our search feature so if you don’t see your boat listed then please follow the Measuring instructions.

Q: Can I just measure my old sail?

A: You can but in doing so you will limit your choices. Often you will find a sail that measures just 3” or 4” longer than the old sail and you won’t know if will fit. What you really need to know is the maximum size that will fit on the rig. If choose to measure your old sail anyway be sure to stretch it tight just like it would be under halyard tension.  Many times an old  sail measure on the ground will measure several inches shorter than it is under tension because the bolt rope in the luff stretches over time.

Q: I see a used sail that I am interested in. Is it still in stock?

A: We realize that some companies have outdated inventory posted on the web. However our used sail inventory is updated immediately every time one is sold so it is always current.

Q: I see a new sail that I am interested in. Is it in stock now?

A: Our new website closely tracks inventory.  Any sail that is back ordered with the loft will clearly indicate to allow several weeks for delivery.  If it does not indicate this, the sail is in-stock and will ship within 24 hours.

 Q: I see a sail that fits my boat, but I want to customize it?  How do I order these.

A: All of our sails have a code in the title and also a product code in our search table (for example 26.30L).  This indicates the standard size.  In the contact form, just let us know the sail type (Mainsail, RF Headsail, Hank on Headsail, etc and this code plus indicate the customization you want.  This could include moving up to an offshore sail, race sail, adding a Cunningham or other customizations.  Or give us a call a 831-646-5346.

Q: How much will it cost to ship a sail that I am interested in and how long will it take?

A: Shipping cost is automatically calculated by our web store based on location and shipping method. You can “mock up” an order without actually hitting the final “submit order” to see what the exact shipping amount will be. UPS Ground shipping typically costs $25 - $45 for most sails. Ground shipping usually takes 4 business days across the country. Second day air and Overnight service refers to business days and does not include weekend days.

Q: How do I get to see the used sails? I only see new sails (or nothing at all) in the search results.

A:  Under “Our Sails” click on Used Sails and you will only see the Used Sails.  If you search all products you will see all sails.

Q: I don’t see the price listed, how much is it?

A: Scroll right to see the column “Price”. This is typically the base price, so as you configure it to your specific needs the price will reflect this. 

Q: I found a sail listed for my boat type on your site. What happens if it doesn’t fit my boat?

A: Production boats tend to be fairly standard but buying a sail by boat type is never a guarantee of fit. Some production boats have multiple rigs. Others rigs are modified. We suggest that you follow the measuring instructions and check your measurements against our published sail dimensions. See the Order Info page for more detail about this and returns.

Q: What happens if there is a problem and the sail won’t work for any reason?

A: Stock sails may be returned if they aren’t used. Please see the Order Info page for complete information about returns.

Q: What does: “Std. O.E.M.” - “Coastal” or “Offshore” mean in the notes column of the search results?

A: This refers to the construction techniques used which are divided into three product tiers to meet different strength and budget needs. See Product Tiers for a pictorial description.


Q: My mainsail has a different type of luff slide or slug than you list on your stock sails. Can it be changed?

A: Yes, the different hardware types are described on the Measuring page. You have 3 alternatives to change them:

  1. Change the hardware yourself. This is actually easy to do.
  2. We will change the hardware on an existing stock sail  for $4 per foot of luff (or foot). There is a $50 minimum labor charge.
  3. We can make you a new custom sail with the luff hardware of your choice (or other minor changes) at no extra charge.

Q: How can I get my boats mainsail insignia and/or sail number installed?

A: Yes we can install an many Insignias or sail numbers to any of our In-Stock Sails.  Or if it is an insignia we do not have at our Warehouse, the loft can custom make the sail with your insignia. Just search for insignias and numbers in the search box and add them to your order.  Or send us a contact form.

Q: How can I get a Cunningham installed on a stock mainsail?

A: Cunningham can be installed with the purchase of any stock mainsail.  Please search for Cunningham and add it to the order.

Q: How can I get an extra reef installed on a stock mainsail?

A: By buying a Semi-Custom Sail you can have extra reefs installed.  In a contact form include the sail type (e.g. Mainsail, RF Headsail, Hank On Headsail) the boat type and if you find a sail that fits your boat the number in the product title (e.g. 26.3L which is a sail size indicator) plus how you want the sail customized.


Q: Can I convert my hank-on genoa to a Roller Furling sail?

A: This is not recommended in most cases. Since your old genoa will likely be too long on the luff after the furler is installed it will need to be cut down. Then a luff tape must be added and finally a UV cover for sun protection. The cost of these modifications is high and when you are done you still have a sail that was not designed for a furling system.  Many times it is less to buy a new furling sail than to have a local loft recut your sail.

Q: I see a new furling genoa with a White UV cover in stock. How much would it cost to add a Colored UV cover?

A: We wouldn’t convert an existing sail but we can make a custom sail for you with a UV cover in any Sunbrella Color.  The options are listed on our page. Semi-Custom sails usually ship in 6 weeks or less.

Q: Which side is the UV cover on your stock Furling Sails?

A: Normally our UV covers are on the Port Side by default. Note there is a common misconception that when replacing the sail it must have the UV cover on the same side as the old sail. This is false. Furling Units are easily reversible by simply rolling the furling line onto the drum in the opposite direction. Also don’t make the common mistake of worrying about which side deck the furling line is routed on. This has absolutely no effect on the direction of drum rotation! 

Q: Do you have a sail and furler package for my boat?

A: We sell furlers and try to always match the best prices in the industry.  In addition, when you buy a headsail and furler in the same order a 10% discount is automatically added to the price of the sail when you go to check out.


Q: If I buy a stock mainsail cover for my boat, how do I know it will fit

A: All of our Stock Mainsail cover sizes are listed on the site (See Sizes) along with a measurement form.  You should always measure your boat to be sure.  Since different mainsails pack up differently because of varying cloth weight and stiffness the fit of a stock cover cannot be guaranteed. Even if it was originally patterned for a boat. Therefore you must check it to see how it fits.

Q: Can I get a new stock Mainsail Cover in a custom color?

A: Yes, if you are sure a stock cover will fit, you can order it in a custom color.  Just indicate Custom in the order type and then in the order comments indicate the color you want.  Colors can be found here.

Q: What size Foredeck Bag will fit my Jib or Genoa?

A: Since cloth weight & stiffness determine how big it will pack up the only way to tell is to measure your sail while folded on the deck still hanked onto your forestay.